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Jobman can assist with adding your contact list by importing it as part of the integration if the list is available in .csv format. If you have MYOB or Xero accounting software, this can be synchronized with Jobman to populate your contacts. Please click here for more information on MYOB and Xero integration.

Setting Up Contacts

Contacts are where we hold all Suppliers, Lead and Job contact information. Before a Lead or a Job can be established, the corresponding contact information must be set up. Repeat type work will use the same contact information in the case of builders.

Before adding your contacts, it is necessary to set up Contact Types, under Admin. This will allow you to create corresponding filters.

Note: Each contact type is designed and set up to do different things and setting up this table correctly will allow for Jobman to function correctly.

While Jobman has core functionality it also supports other definitions and similar Contact Types.

Residential – Can Have Areas to be selected that will go on to create room specs sheets.

Supplier – Can’t have a Job, Lead or Areas and therefore not required to Populate Address details.

Builder – Should not Populate Address Details and as you do not purchase from them, should not have Can Have Purchase Order nor should it have Areas as this contact type can have multiple jobs.

The example above shows all options switched off (for demonstration purposes only).
The actual options shown depends on the Contact Type Settings and the Contact Type selected.

It is possible to have two or more supplier types and name them accordingly.

You can add or modify the others. It is important to not delete these as they may be linked with Leads, Jobs or Orders. Contact Types are not Lead Types or Job Types so don’t go overboard here. Keep it basic.

Customer Sources are useful if you are running an ad campaign or you have a referral process happening. Set up accordingly.

Delivery Areas can help filter Installations for example to areas that are in the same location.

For more details on Contacts, go to the Using Jobman – Contacts lesson.