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In certain circumstances you may need to customise your templates on file. Logos and Imagery can easily be added to a template and modifying these can be used to create different versions of the same template. 

As an example, you may want to send the same quote template but want to change the logos and imagery on some quote templates for case specific reasons, the following steps will assist you in creating separate Quote Templates.

Initially, you would create a duplicate of the template you would like to alter:


1. Under Admin>Templates>Quote Templates . Identify the template that you would like to customise and double click on the the template or use the Edit Record icon in the Mod Column. You will be presented with the Quote template editing screen.


2. Click the ‘Edit HTML Source’ Button   located on the toolbar 

3. Click anywhere in the source editor and press CTRL+A on your keyboard to select all content. Press CTRL+C on you keyboard to copy all selected items.


4. In quote templates click ‘Add Record’ button  to create a new duplicate of the quote template for you to alter and add the a new logo to.


5.  Rename the new quote template and add a Title. Press the ‘Edit HTML Source’ Button   as shown below.


6. Paste (CTRL+V) the HTML copied from Step-3 into the HTML Source editor for the new quote template just created. Click ‘Update’  and you will notice that a duplicate of the template that you would like to modify has been created. 

Click Save to save the template with the new name and title.  


Uploading a Logo or Image to a Template

In the Quote Template Editor:

1. Initially, click where you would like to update or insert the new logo or image in the Quote Template. Click the Insert/edit image icon  on the toolbar as shown below.

2. The Insert /edit image Dialog box will open and under the Image URL section under ‘General’  Click the ‘Browse’ Icon as shown.
3. Select the ‘Upload’ tab on the top menu and select to ‘Choose Files’. Find and select the Logo or image that you would add to the template. Click ‘Submit’.  Once Submitted you will receive a message notifying you that your ‘files have been successfully uploaded’

4. Go to the ‘Browse’ tab and select the image that you have just uploaded.

5. You will be brought to the ‘General’ tab. If you do not give an image a description you will be prompted to do so by an alert message when you go to insert the image or logo at a later stage.

Add the image a description. You can also go to the ‘Appearance’ tab to alter and modify the alignment and dimensions of the image or logo as shown below.

 6. When you are ready and happy with the dimensions and alignment specifications set, you can continue and click the ‘Insert’ button . You will notice that the Logo is inserted and updated based off your selections and input.