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Sending correspondence out of Jobman for both Leads and Jobs offers many great benefits to a company, primarily the most important is complete transparency of the key information that has been sent to the customer, supplier, trades or other internal staff involved in the Lead or Job. You can streamline the corro sent out of Jobman, by using corro templates that are pre-made and provide a professional look with your company branding, and also you can attach files to send with the corro templates.

Adding Corro Attachments

Inside the actual Lead or Job, by default, the corro tab will be active already, click on Add Record, select the corro type, then choose the corro template required, and click Send Email. When the next window loads, you simply click on Add Attachments as shown below to choose the files to send with this corro email.

Once you have clicked on Add Attachments, as shown below a new window will open, where you can click on Browse to search your PC files to select the file to add.

To add multiple files, you will need to upload one at a time, click on Browse to search and add the next required file.

When all the files have been added to the corro email, these will display the file name as shown below. The final step is to simply click save attachments and send email.

Note: File sizes may be limited. If files are too large they may not send.

Viewing Corro Attachments

Once the corro email has been sent out of Jobman, you will find a saved transcript confirming the date/time, staff person, and corro that has been previously sent. If you double click on the corro sent out, or click on the Edit record icon under modify column, you will be able to open and view the corro file attachments.

Below shows once the sent corro is reopened, you can find the file names of the attachments that were added and sent out on the corro email.

You can have these corro files set up and saved to your Cloud storage application. This feature will allow you to click on these attached files from the sent corro and view the files that were actually sent. This will save time as you won’t have to go back through to quotes, or Lead/Job files to locate the exact files that have been emailed out of Jobman.  

Note: You may need to contact Jobman Support to have this attachment viewing feature activated.