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Price Matrices allows the cost of products to be calculated, based on predefined criteria. Multiplication values are defined based on height, width or depth, depending on the item. The Rate Type indicates what the calculation is based on. In Jobman you can setup Price Matrices both both unit price and square meter rate types.

Price Matrices allow for the creation of new Price Matrices where we can control where it gets its pricing from and filter Styles and Style Types that it will use. The example below shows the price for a board that has dimensions greater or equal to 550 x 900, but not exceeding 600 x 1200. As soon as any dimension is outside this range, the price changes. If any value is outside the highest value, the calculated price is 0 (zero).

Setup For Unit Price:

Setting up Price Matrices in your Jobman software is simple, follow these below steps:

1. Set up the Price Matrix Axes firstly, click here Price Matrix Axes to learn more.

2.  Click Add Record to create the new Price Matrix, as shown below.

Once the new Price Matrix window appears, apply the required name, select the top axis, side axis, link to style type, rate type, sort order number and then tick the Active checkbox. Once this is done, then click Save. 

3. Now that the Price Matrix has now been created, the next step is to click on Edit (under modify column) to open the Price Matrix so you can upload the amount values into the table. Below shows how to use the Export CSV to Excel, in this case will be bank to begin with.

Export CSV table to excel, as shown below a blank table will download, ready for you to copy/paste in the amount value as provided from supplier. 

Once the amount values are pasted onto the table, click Save As and save this CSV file to your desktop.

4. The final step now that you have the amount values populated onto the CSV file, is to import this CSV file into the Price Matrix. Simply click on Import CSV from Excel, when the import CSV from excel window appears, click on Browse to select the file from your PC files, then click Upload and lastly click Save.   

If you followed the above easy steps, below will be the end result. If you now require to add further price matrices for different ranges, but using the same matrix axes, you can simply click Duplicate (under modify column) re-name the Price Matrix, apply a new sort/order number, and then follow steps 3 and 4 again to  upload the different amount values as required. 

Note: You are now required to create a Style for the new Price Matrix, so that this can be used in Quotes to price the assigned style type.

Setup For Square Metre:

Price matrices can also be set up for the rate type of SQM, this is a less common option, however, is required from time to time. The setup of price matrices as outlined above remains the same, however, once you select the rate type to be Square Metre, you will have to set up the price matrice following these below steps for the matrice to calculate correctly on product parts as required in a quote.

1. Create a new price matrice.

As shown above, once you have clicked Add New Record, apply the name for the matrice, add in the required top and side axis, assign the style type, then chose square metre as the rate type option, and apply the sort number for where you would like this to be positioned in your existing list of price matrice’s. the next step is under the Area tab, click on Export CSV to Excel, this will open the blank matrice table into Excel and allow you to copy/paste in the required table values. For the square metre table values, you will need to click here SQM Price Matrice Table Values and copy/paste all the values into the blank table, last step click save ready to import into the price matrice.

2. Import the area of material used values for the SQM rate type.