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The idea of Target Lead Times is to formulate the timeline of a typical Job for automatic population of Target Lead Times. The Target Calendar, Automatic Email Triggers and Bar Charts get their information from these dates so it is important these are set.

When Job Statuses and Job Operations are set up, setting up the Target Lead Times is the next step which will allow automatic lead times to be generated. The suggested setup of Target Lead Times is to go through your Operations in sequential order and assign an allowance for said operation.

Extended Lead Times

Multiple Job Types can be selected for the purpose of adding additional Lead Times into a Lead or Job. An example of this might be ‘Outsource Painting’. To achieve this, create another Job Type under Admin then assign 2 operations.

  1. Send Painted Parts – this will allow a person to prep and pack ready for sending (select update all tasks).
  2. Receive Painted Parts (select update all tasks).

Create two Target Lead Times and define Job Type as ‘Outsource Painting’ and select ‘Send Painted Parts’ as operation and allow one (1) day as a Target Lead Time,  another as Job Type ‘Outsource Painting’ and an operation as ‘Receive Painted Parts’ and allow 10 days as a lead time.

Adding extended Lead Times is now as simple as adding an additional Job Type like ‘Outsource Painting’. If it is an existing Job simply save the Job, reopen and then update Target Lead Times to populate the newly added operations.

Note: Day Allowance does not include weekends and public holidays in total count time.

If you wish to create a variation of an operation with a different lead time, click ‘Add New Record’ in ‘Target Lead Time’, then use the Customer Type and Job Type as filters to populate a different lead time.


Work through the Lead Operation Types in sequential order applying the appropriate Lead Type. If the target lead time applies to all lead types then do not select any. This process will only take several minutes and can be fine-tuned later for more targeted results of automatic target lead times when setting up the Checklist.

Target lead times can be locked and modified at set-up and during the process of the Job. The target lead times can work either way. Simply select the Operation that your Job or Lead must work to and it will ask you if you want to program your dates forwards and/or backwards from this point.

Persons using Time and Attendance will automatically be recorded as completing the task when they click Complete on the Touch Screen, Mobile Interface or alternatively selecting the checkbox.