Understanding your capacities/constraints is paramount in maximising efficiencies in your business. 

Job Checklist

In the job checklist you can adjust the amount of staff working on each operation of that job. Changing this will affect scheduling. You may want to change this if you have multiple jobs with similar schedules. 

Target Calendar

For Operations longer than the Labour Centres “Staff hours per day” the target date will now populate from the Target Date backwards. The example shown below is for an Operation that has been estimated at 45.3 Hrs. This is broken up into segments reflecting what can be done each day by the settings in the Labour Center and the amount of staff assigned in the checklist.

Days can be adjusted from left to right by click on the bottom of the Operation and dragging. The Operation to the right will automatically adjust to compensate. Repeat as required.

Splitting Operations

There are many examples of why you might need to Split an Operation. To do this simply right-click on the operation and Split.

Dragging Operations

There are several features combined with dragging operations around.

  1. Moving the Target Day (far right) will make all before (to the left) Operations follow like ducks.
  2. If 38 hours need to be done in one day then multiple staff will need to do it then the Operations to the left can be dragged to the right all onto the one day or as many as needed.
  3. Dragging Operations that are not the Target date can be dragged to any other day even out of sequence. This provides that added extra functionality that might be required.

Capacity Planning (Long Term) Calendar

Having the Long Term Capacity Planner open in another window/screen or tab and using the refresh button will update Capacity Planning so that you can see changes made in the Target Calendar.