Time tracking can be done either via the Touchscreen or the Timesheet interface.

Touchscreen method

The touchscreen is mainly designed for use with a tablet, but can also be used on a PC. It has the following functions

ActionRequired stepsFunction
Log On
  1. Enter your Staff PIN
  2. Enter or select your Job or Lead Number
  3. Select a Labour Centre
  4. Select a Task
  5. Click Log On

Your Staff PIN will retrieve your Name and display it as ‘Logged in as’.

All selections you make in steps 2 to 4 are stored and will be available when are next logged on.
Once you click ‘Log on’, you are in logged on mode and your time will be recorded against the selected job from this moment onward.

  1. Enter your Staff PIN
  2. Click Pause
All saved selection from the Log On process are retrieved and shown.
You are still recorded against the selected job, but time recording has been paused.
Log off
  1. Enter your Staff PIN
  2. Click Log off
All saved selection from the Log On process are retrieved and shown.
You are logged off from this job, but you have not yet completed the job.
  1. Enter your Staff PIN
  2. Click Complete
All saved selection from the Log On process are retrieved and shown.
The job has been recorded as complete.

Using the touchscreen does not require any additional steps once the Complete button has been used.

How to find a job or a lead

To find a specific Job or Lead, click on the magnifying glass icon to bring up the Search the jobs popup.
Here you can start typing a Job or a Lead Number or alternatively the name of a job or a lead. A minimum of 3 characters is required to start the search.

As soon as 3 characters have been entered, all relevant results are listed. Clicking on a Job or Lead will load it into the touchscreen interface.

How to set the job progress

You can set the job progress in percentage by using the Percent Complete selection.

Timesheet method

The Timesheet interface is divided into 5 sections:

  1. Time recorded, total hours per day graph for the time frame selected in the calendar (section 5)
  2. List of jobs
  3. Calendar, graphical display of hours per job.
  4. Filter for job selection
  5. Time scale and employee selection, plus calendar time frame.

Steps to log on to a job

  • Find the desired job in the list, section 2. The list can be narrowed by entering the base job number into the search, section 4
  • Click on the desired job and drag it to section 3, placing it on the day and time you log on

At this point in time a description can be added as well, see details below.

Keeping time

  • To record the time spent, drag the bottom of the box down to the “end time” of the recorded hours.

Adding a description

  • Double-click on the block you would like to add a description. A form will allow you to add a description and make some other changes.

How to set the task progress

You can set the task progress in percentage by using the Completion slider.

Completing a job

Whereas the completion process is automated on the touchscreen interface by clicking on the Complete button, this method uses the Completion slider. Drag the slider to the far right, setting it at 100% and click Save.

Setting the Completion to 100 is equivalent to checking the Complete checkbox in the Checklist.