This feature can be located under General/Time and Attendance/Activity Sheet.

The Activity Sheet is an easy to read, live graphic interface that exhibits what each staff member within in your organisation is busy with at that current time. See who is logged in or who is not logged in at any time. Activity sheets shows the current job that each member of staff is working on once they have logged onto the system. In each case it demonstrates the target date, how much time has been spent on the job so far, as well as illustrates the amount of hours left on the job based off pre defined target lead times associated to each  job or lead type operation. They can be filtered by Staff Type and Date. 

Efforts can be represented in 4 different colours, these refer to;

Blue = Effort was made within the Job Operations Estimated Duration. 
Red = Effort exceeded the Job Operation Estimated Duration.
Green = Effort was made within the Lead Operations Estimated Duration. 
Orange = Effort exceeded the Lead Operations Estimated Duration. 

Allowing the activity sheet to show on a particular device without having to have an active login can be achieved by typing in the following address:

It is possible to bookmark this address in Google Chrome for regular use of this Activity Sheet feature.

 NOTE:  This will still require that the specific device to have logged in at some stage within a three month period. You can then you can utilise this functionality without an active login.