There are two ways to create a new lead. The first option is the preferred method because all contact details are already populated.

Establishing a Lead from a Contact

1. Before a lead can be established, a Contact must first exist. For builders who work multiple sites with multiple job addresses, the same applies as the contact will typically be the builder and remain the same. The Lead or Job can be created directly from the contact page. 

    • Mandatory fields must be completed before the save button is enabled. This is so that Jobman will function correctly.
    • Only certain contact types can be turned into a Lead.
  1. Adding a new Lead is done by clicking on the  button in the Leads tab and filling in the following information:

    • Use the drop-down box to select an existing contact or select the newly added contact.
    • Set the Lead Status and Lead Type. Please refer to LEADS if this is not set up.
  2. Click save and wait for a second while the Lead Type data is set against the new lead, the screen will then reopen automatically for the checklist to be started. An incomplete checklist will have a warning sign  next to the checklist button.
  3. The most important part in setting up a Lead or Job is to make sure the checklist is started. This is done by clicking in the first Target Date and selecting a date. Today is normally the best option.  Clicking anywhere else will allow for the Target Dates to automatically fill in if Target Lead Times have been set up properly.

When this is complete and you select the first checkbox, this indicates that this lead is now set up and ready for data to be entered in against it. This will also record the fact that you just completed this operation.