You paid an invoice, then returned goods.

An invoice has been paid to the supplier, and then you find out that you need to return some of the supplied product. The supplier agrees to take back some of the supplied product but will supply you a credit note to be applied to a future invoice. The following should be carried out.

  • Firstly, change the PO into a status that can be edited. To view this PO you might need to check “Show Finished P/Os”
  • Amend the received qty to account for the items that you wish to retain, then click the “Split” button.

The following window will appear showing the items that will be split.

Split confirmation popup window.
An Internal Note will automatically display showing which PO this was Split from. Change the OrderedQty to a minus amount which will adjust the value and deduct from the amount ordered to that Job. This will automatically adjust the Warehouse amount.