There are a few ways to create a job, but creating it from a Lead is the preferred option, as the labour in the quote will populate the job checklist when the lead is turned into a job. 

Creating a Job from a Lead

When you check off all the previous operations in the Lead Checklist and then check off the operation under Job Awarded (see below), the Lead will then turn into a Job. All the information from that Lead like the Quote and the Job Specs will move across into the Job. The labour from the quote will also populate the Job Checklist.

Creating a Job from a new Contact

This is done by firstly creating a new contact. Once you have entered in the contact details, you can select the Create new Job button at the bottom of the window. For some Contact Types this function is not available, like Suppliers.


Creating a Job from an existing Contact

Creating a Job from an existing contact can either be done by selecting a contact and creating a Job as shown above or creating a new Job in the Jobs section. This is done by clicking on the Create new Job button and filling out the required details. Once this is done, the save button will then be enabled.

The most important part of setting up a Lead or Job is to make sure the Check List is started. This is done by clicking in the first Target Date and selecting a date. Today is normally the best option. Clicking anywhere else will allow for the Target Dates to automatically fill in if Target Lead Times have been setup properly.