Labour Costs, Material Costs, Consumable Costs all add up to your Job Cost.

Working out your profit margins is as simple as running the Job Cost report.  With very little setup of the following screens, Jobman can be reporting to you on your profit margins in seconds on your completed jobs and jobs in progress. To setup Payroll information for staff please Click here…

See your current Job Cost factoring in materials costs, labor costs, and consumables. Filtering by Job Types and Statuses, you can also see your Profit margins. 

This Job Cost Report can give results with the below data columns;

Value = Job Value, unless overriden, this will come through from the Lead. 
Raw Materials Cost = Total Cost fo Raw Materials in the Job
Time Cost = Staff Time Cost for Efforts made against the Jobs Operations.
Overheads Cost = Staff Time Cost x Staff Overhead %
Consumables Cost = Configurable Variable Set x Raw Materials Cost
PO Cost = Amount raised by Purchase Order
Actual Cost = Combination of the above. 
Invoiced Amount = Amount raised by Invoice for the Job
Profit % = Invoiced Amount – Actual Cost