In a Lead or Job, click on Invoices and Add Record.

Select the Invoice Type. 

With Deposit Invoice or Partial Invoice selected, a Percentage and a Quote can be selected. 


With Full Invoice, the complete quote amount is invoiced and all items in the selected quote can be selected for the invoice, see below.


When you select a Full Invoice, an Add Items? popup will appear when a quote is selected.

If you tick the checkbox and click append then it will only bring across items that are shown on the quote printout. For example, if only headings and subtotals are selected in the quote template, then only headings and subtotals will be added to this invoice. If you leave the checkbox unticked, it will bring across all the chargeable items whether they appear in the printout or not. Please click here for examples of Invoice printouts.


To add an invoice manually for a Variation or other cost, simply click on add new item and enter the details as shown below.

An invoice for the Job Value can also be raised from the value manually entered into the job.

This functionality is used when the job was not created from a Lead.

Creating Portion Percentage Invoice

With Jobman, you now have the option to create a Full Invoice Type and invoice set portions per month or per progress claim for a job. To setup the invoice of portions, you simply click on the invoice tab inside a Lead or Job, then click Add Record icon. Select the Full Invoice from the type options, select add from quote items, once you confirm to match quote template or not, you will be able to select the required percentage value you require to invoice for the items or section. Once the first invoice has been created, the next invoice you create for the same Lead or Job, will auto populate the remaining portion percentage, you can then choose to override this with the next required portion percentage value as required.

Note: You may require to tick on the portion column in the invoice section, to see and apply the portion percentage as shown below.

Note: To sync the invoice across to your accounting software, ensure the invoice has a contact person assigned, the invoice status is changed to Submitted, and the correct invoice account codes are assigned that match both software.