Staff Attendance Map

The Staff Attendance Map is accessible to users with Admin access.

If you have purchased the Mobile App feature there will be a link at the top of the screen that is a shortcut for mobile use. Logging time on mobile phones is designed for work done outside the factory. The Staff Attendance map allows for location of where staff logs on from and off from. Filters for Time and Staff can be activated from the top right of the screen.

  1. Select a date range to be displayed. This can be a From and a To date or just one of the two.
  2. A Staff filter is available to restrict the Map to just the selected Staff. Multiple selections can be made. Use the Clear Filter to remove the restriction.

Activity Sheet

Seeing all staff logged in at any given time by staff type filter on the top left and date on the top right. This screen is designed to show persons currently logged in to the current time. It will revert back to the time the staff member logged in if they do not Pause or Log Off from the operation they are logged into.



Staff Log In Notification

This feature was developed as a tool to assist companies with Jobman integration and employee compliance. Essentially, this feature is a notification specifying which staff members have not yet logged into Jobman for the day. 

To enable use of the Staff Log In Notification, first you must have selected working days AND start times for your staff (explained in Setting Up Jobman, Staff). You can then proceed with setting up one or multiple Staff Log In Notifications. This feature is found under Admin > Staff > Staff Log In Notification.

Selecting ‘Add Record’ will give you this interface. 

 Note: The email address entered into the Email Address Field, will get an email that simply looks like:
“These staff members haven’t yet logged in today;
John Smith
Bill Johnson
Sarah Marshall”
If Send Reminder To Staff is ‘Y’, the staff members who haven’t yet logged in will receive an email with the text in the ‘Email Template Field’ reminding them to log in!!

Default staff log in time is = Business Hours Table ‘Start’