Quoting in Jobman

Jobman has many tools at your disposal to achieve fast results. Using a combination of Styles, Quote Presets and Sections or an import from an aligned CAD CAM package provides the framework for a custom quote in a matter of minutes. Jobman quotes can be detailed and contain all the information required to cater for all variables.

  • Lineal Metre (No longer recommended due to inaccuracy and inability to finetune the Product library).
  • Order Entry
  • Section (perfect for a quote with multiple rooms)
  • 3rd party CAD CAM software

In Lead, click on Quotes and on the Add Record button.

  1. If using Jobman Products and Quote Presets then it is best to set the styles first.
  2. For each item in the quote, click Add new item button in succession or build your quote from Quote Presets.

Each section can then be edited individually by clicking on the Item.

Each section will inherit the main window styles but can then be overridden per section. Simply enter the desired quantities, modify as required, add descriptions to the sections and save.

Editing options such as ColourHighlightedStrikethrough, Bold, Underline and/or Italics are available for use in the Area you are quoting. Additional text and text formats can also be added for each section e.g. you may need to add a list of inclusions or exclusions for each section to the quote (see below). 

Product Labour

Labour operations can be assigned to products that are viewable in the quote by hovering your cursor over a product. Product labour times can be edited under the Products heading in Specifications. The quote will scan upwards and add up all the product labour from the selected products until there is a heading. Product Labour can be shown individually (below) or a single line item which will then appear as a drop-down for selection/un-selection.


If for some reason there is not enough pre-calculated Product Labour you can add more Operation Labour simply by adding a new line and adding Labour as the type and then selecting an Operation which will pre-populate the hourly rate for a quantity to be recorded against this data field. The total of Product Labour and Labour will be tallied to populate the Job Operation checklist when the accepted quote turns into a Job.

Quote Item Classification

Setting different classifications for different quote items or products will allow you to later create a report on the different classifications that are created. For example, the value of cabinets that are in accepted quotes for the month. These classifications are also required for setting up Sundry Categories.

Styles with Price Matrices

If a Style is based on a Matrix, the price calculation for Products is not calculated by Width and Height proportionally.
The calculation is based on the dimensions falling within predefined parameters, see example below.

The two calculations shown above are based on the matrix below. A one digit change moves the calculation to the next matrix value.

Quote Price Settings

The table below shows the different settings that will affect the pricing of a quote. These settings will depend on how you wish to deal with your percentages and markups.


The overhead percentage will not work when calculating the profit margin from the buy/sell price. It will only calculate from the Markup % or Overhead %. To change this setting to calculate from both, you have to go into Admin_Extra_Config and change the CALCULATE_PROFIT_MARGIN_FROM_BUY_AND_SELL_PRICE value to Y as shown below.

Groups in Quotes

A quote can be viewed in full, or individual blocks can be grouped by Sections. To view only on the Quote they must be enabled on the Quote Template.

How to navigate in Quotes by using the keyboard

The Up, Down, Left and Right keys can be used to move inside the Quote fields.

Arrow Keys

The Arrow keys only work when there is no field being edited.

 If any field is in edit mode
 Click outside the Quote Items or hit the Enter key.
 Once the field is shown as below, you can use the arrow keys to highlight fields in any direction.
Enter Key

The Enter key toggles any editable field between highlighting and editing.

More on the Enter Key in Using drop-down selectors.

Tab Key

The Tab key can be used in both cases, with a field in edit mode or not.
It moves the cursor to the next field and leaves the mode as is, see below. Use Shift+Tab to move to the previous field.

Using drop-down selectors
  1. Navigate to Items by using the Up, Down, Left and Right keys.
  2. To edit an Item, hit the Enter key.
  3. Use the Up/Down keys to select an option.
  4. To select, hit Enter to select an option and move to the next input field by using the Tab or the Arrow keys.

Note: Should you hit the Tab key while selecting a Type, the cursor moves outside the Quote Items into the Notes field below.

Quoting Assemblies and Creating ORD files (for Cabinet Vision)

The ability to quote from your Cabinet Vision Library and Create ORD files for Cabinet Vision is now possible. If you have Cabinet Vision, you may import your Cabinet Vision Library. You can also then export it to a CSV to add and modify pricing, then re-import.

Creating Quote Presets

Read here https://jobmanacademy.wpengine.com/topic/quote-presets/

Quote Types
The quote types provide smart features that can be utilised in a quote. These items can appear on the Quote template or can be hidden.
Sections are quote subsections with their own style overrides. They can also be quantified, duplicated and deleted.
Appears Bold and displays on the quote. Percentages cannot read above this line.
Sub Heading
Performs much the same as Heading but allows for percentages to be read above them allowing the user to tally percentages to portions of the quote.
Items can be a unit or simple quantifier of a unit price. Whole units or part values such as 3.4 can be used.
Sub Total
Subtotals tally off to the last Heading or Subheading.
Percentages can be added throughout the quote to read upwards of all items until it hits a Heading.
When clicking in the Item Line a drop-down menu will appear showing your Product Library. Typing what you are looking for will start filtering products with those search variables.
When clicking in the Item Line a drop-down menu will appear showing your predefined Sundry Items. Typing what you are looking for will start filtering search variables.
Job Appliance
If you wish to price appliances in your quote then selecting this quote item will allow for items that have a model.
Availability Chart
When selecting in this field you will notice a search box to the right. Clicking on this will open up your availability chart items.

A sample of this data is pictured below.

Importing CSV, XML, ORD and ORDX files.

Supported drawing software programs for quote population are

  • Cabinet Vision
  • Microvellum
  • Cab Master
  • Mozaik
  • Winner Design
  • Auto Kitchen

For the Cab Master export function to work properly, the Show Cabinet ID must be unchecked.

Only purchased integrations will display.

Append Preset Option:

When using the file import option inside a quote or section for the relevant 3rd party software, you can choose the option called “Append Preset” this feature will allow you to choose an existing quote preset from the drop-down tab that you wish to add to the file import. This feature is handy to apply additional presets for benchtops, accessories, sundries, and/or if you have the percentage mark up function pre-existing to your presets, and require to apply these to the file import also. Below shows how to apply the option for Append Preset for a file import.

Exporting ORD

To utilise Cabinet Vision’s optimising or reporting features you may wish to export an ORD file.

From the quote, you can export an ORD file for Cabinet Vision Solid. This will ask you where you would like to save the ORD file. This is an executable file which can be imported via the Reports feature of Cabinet Vision under Utilities or double clicked on to open up Cabinet Vision. This will populate the required fields in Cabinet Vision from the lead details form.

Note :

For an ORD or an ORDX file to work from the Cabinet Vision Library, item names should match exactly to your Product names set up in Jobman. Only these files in a quote will populate Cabinet Vision. Using the ORD or ORDX is available to Ultimate users and in the report section of Cabinet Vision software.


Export Raw Materials

You can export raw materials directly from a quote by selecting the ‘Export Raw Materials’ button as shown below.  (1) will trigger the pop up box (2) which lists all raw materials associated with your products from the quote. This pop up will allow you to select which headings and materials you would like to export by toggling the checkbox.
From here, this export including the quantity of each material can be transferred into a third party software, such as Cutlist Optimizer.


Overhead and Markup Percentages

The Overhead and Markup Percentage feature allows the Quote Sell Price to be calculated explicitly, by adding preset Overhead and Markup margins to the Buy Price. The percentage values are preset in the configuration, but can be manually adjusted after loading an item.

Manually adjusting the percentage values –

The Overhead and Profit percentage values can be changed in two ways:

  • Individual item;
    Only the selected value is changed and the Unit Price recalculated
  • All items;
    All percentage values of the selected type are changed for all items and all their Unit Prices are recalculated.

A small popup prompts the user to select either Yes to make the changes to all items or No to only change the individual item.

Markup Percentage

In the Subtotal column, the Markup percentage (3) is calculated and displayed. It shows the Markup calculated by total Buy Price Cost (1) and the Subtotal (2).


Sundry Items

Sundry items are incidentals that are not part of Products or Availability Chart items, like a labour component.

The way the Subtotal is calculated by including the Markup and Overhead percentages or not, is set up by the administrator.


Duplicating Quotes

You have the option to duplicate any previous quote created in a lead, simply open the lead, click on the quotes tab, and select the quote number you wish to duplicate. This will leave the previous quote unchanged, and create a new quote number allowing you to make the required changes.

Accepting Quotes

This is a required step that must be updated prior to updating the lead checklist to “Job Awarded” status and having the lead turn into a job. If the quote status is not updated and saved as “Accepted” before the lead creates the job, you will unfortunately not see the product labour, labour, availability chart items listed in the quote populate into the job checklist and raw materials.

Quote With Sections

To learn how to use the quote using sections functionality, click play to watch the below video demonstration.

Quote With CAD-CAM Import

To learn how to use the quote import of a csv.file feature, click play to watch the below video demonstration.