Building your list of materials required for a job from items in Stock and Availability Charts ready for purchasing is done through ‘Raw Materials’.

Raw Materials can be accessed in Jobman within each Job under the ‘Raw Materials’ Tab.

To add items to the job raw material section you can do this in two ways, you can add items one by one by Clicking ‘Add Record’  then use your filters search bar as further outlined below. The alternative option, is a CSV.file import which has to be generated from a materials report by your CAD software initially (Note: you do require to have product codes referenced the same in both software).

 When searching for Availability Chart items in your Raw Materials tab, the following fields are available for you to define what you are looking for. (see below)

It is always a good idea if you do not know the product code to define the following.

  • Stock Type
  • Brand
  • Finish

Double clicking on any result in the two windows below will fill in the remaining blank fields. Always check the length, width, thickness and the quantity required are correct. Be sure that the supplier field is filled in for an Availability Chart item. This will assist in purchase orders being created easily.

Note: It is also possible to add a material to the order that does not exist in the Availability Charts and this will add to this order and also populate the Availability Charts. To do this simply select the pre-defined fields for Stock Type, Brand, Product Code, Price, Rate Type and Supplier and click OK.

Changing the source of a raw material

You can change the source of a raw material by opening that raw material and then double clicking on the appropriate line.

Note: Once the items have been assigned to the job raw material, the quantity will be locked for the items listed as the source of Purchase Order, therefore will not be able to be changed, due to the item being ordered in from suppliers. Stock items can still have the quantity amended in the job raw material tab.


Raw Material CSV.File import:

Following these few simple steps below to import materials from your CAD software into the job raw materials area. Note: You may have to speak with your CAD software support to configure the required materials report to save as a csv.file, and to have your products listed with the required product codes to match what you have populated in Jobman availability chart items.
1) Inside a job, click on the Raw Materials tab, then click the Import button, then select the import type available from the drop-down tab options. Note: Current supported CSV.file imports are for Cabinet Vision, Cab Master, Go Cabinets, Microvellum, and Mozaik. If your CAD software is not listed as an option, you can use the Jobman CSV option, you will require to copy/paste the required data over from your materials report, then save it prior to the upload. If you use Cabinet Vision and have the CV integration setup with Jobman, click here to learn more about the Sync Back Pro and CSV materials import: Cabinet Vision/Sync Back


2) Click Browse…Select the saved CSV.file from the location saved on your PC files, then click upload.


3) Click OK to confirm items to upload, now that the items on the CSV.file have been uploaded, click the Assign Source button to assign the source of either Stock or Purchase Order to the imported items. 


4) Now the source has been assigned, you will have the stock items qty deducted from stock qty on hand, and you will be able to generate the supplier purchase orders as per the following steps.


Click here to watch a demonstration of Mozaik Material Import into Jobman.