This generic csv file import template and function, allows you to make quoting more streamlined and time-efficient. By using the sample generic csv file template, you have the ability to populate a quote quickly with features such as headings, products, items, availability chart items, and the additional options of applying product labour and group items into sections. The generic csv template could also be populated from your CAD Cam software after a drawing was completed, and then once populated, this could be imported into a quote, which will significantly reduce the amount of time that quoting usually takes you.

To import the generic csv file into a quote, you will need to do the following.

  1. Add a new or open an existing lead, where quotes are created.
  2. Click on the Quotes tab, and then add a new record.
  3. A separate quote page will open, then in the bottom right-hand corner, click on the import icon.
  4. Once the import window opens, select the Generic CSV option from the drop-down menu tab, and then click Browse to select the saved csv file which is located on your PC files.
  5. The final step, under the advanced checkbox option, you can choose to have product labour and/or to group all the items on the import into sections. To apply, simply tick the checkboxes so that these options do apply. Lastly, simply click the upload button to complete the csv file import into the quote.

When the quote window is open, down the bottom right corner of the page, you will see highlighted the Import icon to click on to begin the csv file import into the quote.

As shown below, a separate pop-up window will display on the quote page to set up the import, select the import type, and then click on the Browse button to search your PC files for the saved csv file you require to upload.

Now that you have selected the csv file to upload, you have the additional functionality of having the advanced check box tick, to add product labour to any products listed on the import, and also the option to have the items grouped into Sections.

To complete the final step, click on the upload icon as highlighted below to complete the import of the csv file into the quote.

The example below shows how you can select group items from the csv import into Sections and use the Sections functionality for the quote.

The below example shows the generic csv import, using Headings and not grouping the items into Sections.

Downloadable Generic CSV File Template

Sample CSV.File Import Template