The Job Details come with default options. Additional options can be defined by the administrator in the Admin section. Check Measurer is an example of an additional option, all others are default items. You can also see the new data in Job Details by the first search for the new data. You will need to refresh your Job Details page for this to apply the new data.
In this example, Check Measurer is also available as a filter and Check Measurer is also available as a column
You may need to refresh the Job Details page again, as the added column is off to the right and maybe hard to select.

Email Template feature.

Job Detail Questions can be put into email templates so that emails sent about jobs can contain detail in the Job Detail Questions.  The syntax for this is: {$JobDetail.QuestionName}.  For example, a question of ‘Tops By’ would use this as the replacement key in email templates: {$JobDetail.Tops By}