You can duplicate a job within Jobman to speed up the job creation process, specifically for when you have a job that will be very similar to that of an existing job. 

To duplicate a job, find the job in your JOBS window and select the duplicate icon; 

A small pop up box will appear with the following question “Which parts of this job would you like to duplicate?”. This allows you to select/de-select which parts of the job you would like to duplicate through into the new job you are creating. 

The default is for all parts to be selected. Jobman will remember what parts that user chose to duplicate the last time they did so, and only those parts will be selected when you hit the duplicate icon the following time. E.g. if the user chooses NOT to duplicate a Jobs ‘Raw Materials’, then the next time they go to duplicate a Job, the ‘Raw Materials’ box will be unchecked by default.

To complete the Job Duplication, hit .
You will then be taken to the newly created Jobs window.