Located on the General Tab under heading Scheduling you will find Target Calendar

The target calendar provides the ability to view Leads and Jobs at the same time. You can also toggle to show one or the other with a tick of a box.

Everything is presented in a neat Calendar format in which you can switch from Day, 7 Days, Week, Month or 6 Weeks calendar views by selecting and clicking your preferred view . 

The Target Calendar is extremely powerful as it gives you a complete idea and maps out where all your targets lie. You can also hone into the targets that you would like to view and track. This can be done by using the ‘Filter’ function  . You can filter all Leads and Jobs in the system by Lead or Job Types, Statuses, Operations as well as by members of staff linked to those target operations.

Tip!  As the Target Calendar is constantly displaying all targets in a live format, it is filtering through large amounts of data entered in the system. It is recommended to make use of the handy ‘Refresh function once new filters have been applied. The ‘Refresh’ Button  can be found at the top left of the Target calendar screen.


Target Calendar ‘Filter Profiles’

In the target calendar it is possible to save your favourite or frequent filters as a pre set profile as well as give the profile its own unique name.

To save a Filter Profile carry out the following steps :
  1.  Click the ‘Filter’    drop down on the top right menu of the Target Calendar.
  2.  Select the filters that you would like to view on the Target Calendar. (In the case of this example we would like to filter all the install targets for installers Aaron and Mick)
  3. At the top of the filter drop down you will find the ‘Profiles’ section. Once you are happy with the selected filters click the ‘Save as new’ button You will be prompted to give the Filter Profile a Name. (In the case of this example we have named the Profile “Scheduled Installs – Aaron and Mick”)
  4. Give the Filter Profile a unique name and click  ‘Save’ to save the profile. 
Using the drop down arrow in the Profile section at the top, you will find your recently saved profile that can be selected. It will apply those same saved filters for any future use.
Note: The ‘Delete active profile’ button  can be used if a Filter Profile was saved in error or if that particular profile is no longer in use. It is a useful tool to clean up redundant filters that no longer apply or are not in use anymore.

Moving Operations on the Target Calendar

It is also possible to move an Operation forward or backwards in the target calendar. Any item on the Target Calendar can be moved by dragging it to a new day (unless the target date is locked). When you do, you are asked if you would like to update the targets. A popup screen asks if you want to reset dates prior and/or after this date.

This gives you the option for the following or corresponding Operations to also move in the calendar according to the predetermined Target Lead Times designated in the system set up. The value of the Target Calendar is that it allows you to see any new changes of this nature visibly.

Modify the Layout and Information viewed on the Target Calendar via  Config Variables

There is the added ability to modify the layout and information viewed in the Target Calendar month & day views to suit your own user preferences.
The following config variables control these layout preferences for your Month and Day views :
You can also change the scheduled segment start time in the Target Calendar.
The following config variable will allow you to adjust the scheduled segment start time to suit your business.


To find out more information on Target Calendar layout preferences and segment start time, please Click here… 

Printing the Target Calendar 

The ‘Print’ button  Located in the top right toolbar allows the current view to be exported to a PDF document.