Agenda Screens can be accessed from the left hand options menu by simply selecting the ‘Agenda Screen’ button as shown below. 

The ‘Agenda Screen’ shows a list of active Lead or Job Operations (tasks) that have been allocated in the system. These are displayed in order of priority.  

The left hand ‘Navigation’ pane allows you access and select the different agenda screens that you have created. The different screens display operations that are specific to each labour centre in your organisation. 

These agenda screens on the tablet interface allow you the functionality to customise the information that you would like to display on your agenda screen on your tablet interface.

To customise your agenda screen, click on any column and select the drop down arrow (1) . Select Columns (2) to open up the selection of fields and simply tick and select the fields (3) you would like to add to the agenda screen. You can then shift the columns to read left or right to suit your preferences. 

For further information of how to change the priority of Agenda Screen items click here