Variations are used to add extra items or costs to a job that was not included in the original accepted quote. You can add a variation by going into a job, click on the variations tab and then adding a record. You can then create a record of the extra item or cost when it was created, and the staff person who approved it.

Once you have saved the created variation you can print it or send through the job corro as a attached PDF to the customer for them to sign and approve.


Note: For job variations that involve additional products or labour requirements, it would be recommended to click on the Leads tab inside the job card and double click on the attached lead. This will open up the assigned lead for the job, then click on Quotes tab, and add a new record. This will allow you to create, send and accept a new quote for the additional variations required for the job, and invoice this once the new quote is updated to “Accepted”.  For more info on how to quote Click Here

Finally, job variations either created or from a new quote, will not auto-update the job value, keep this in mind, you will require to add the variation amount Ex.GST to the existing job value to ensure al future reporting remains accurate.

Invoicing Variations: 

To invoice an added job variation, once the variation has been created, click in the Invoice tab, click add new record, select the Full Invoice type option, then under the Add quote items the created variation will appear. Select the variation and it will add as a line item on the invoice. If you are syncing the invoice to your accounting software, make sure a contact person is assigned under the To: field, the status is saved a Submitted, and finally the correct account code is referenced, click save and in 10 minutes this will be in your accounting software. 

Note: For further info on creating invoices Click Here