Delivery Locations is a new feature added to Jobman, which allows for multiple delivery locations to be set up, then selected in the supplier purchase orders for which delivery location is required for the supplier goods to be delivered.  

For the setup delivery locations, you will be required to be a level 5 admin user, and under Admin/Inventory you will see Delivery Locations, as shown below.

By default an existing delivery location will already exist in your software, this will be generic, therefore if you click under the modify column on the edit record icon, you can then complete the required data fields and then save the changes. If you require multiple delivery locations, click on the add record icon as shown below and populate the required fields. 

Fill in all the data locations as shown below for each of your company’s Delivery Locations, then click Save.

Once the required Delivery Locations have been set up, in a supplier purchase order as shown below, you can then select the required Delivery Location for the ordered goods to be delivered to. This will become a handy feature for a company that has multiple locations.

Note: To display the Delivery Location on the supplier purchase order printout, you will require to add delivery location template variables to your purchase order template. These are found here: Template Variables

To add these template variables to your PO template, under Admin/Templates/Purchase Order template, click edit under modify column to open and change the required template, as shown below, these deliver location variables were Clt+C (copy) and then Ctl+V (paste) into the correct area to show the Delivery Location as selected in supplier PO onto the template.

Below is the end result, Delivery Location variables added to the PO template, the Delivery Location setup, and selected in the supplier purchase order.

Note: Using the Delivery Location variables as shown above on the PO template, will automatically pick up when other Delivery Locations are selected.