Once you have set up Job Statuses and then Job Operations you can access the Job’s checklist 2 ways. 

Note; This will only happen when Target Lead times have been set up correctly.

There are two ways to open the Checklist form:

  1. Double-clicking on a Job then click the Checklist Button
  2. Clicking on the checkbox on the Job

The Time and Attendance works in accordance with Jobman’s checklists. 
It is very important to set the first target date so that the rest populate.

Target Dates may be locked by clicking on . The Target Date will then remain the same, even when all other dates are changed.

A locked Target Date is indicated by grayed out text and a changed lock icon.  

The times are set by populating the Average Hours in the Job or Lead Operation Type. These times are also populated from the assigned labour in a quote.

Set your Target Dates forward or backward or both

After a target date is set a pop-up box will appear asking whether you want to populate dates before and/or after the one you have just set. This allows for you to set an install date for example in the future and it will pre-populate according to your Target Lead Times.

Locked Target Dates will not be changed.

Existing Jobs will keep their Statuses and Operations. Only new Jobs will receive any modifications made to Status and Operations.

Adding a Job Task to the Checklist

Because not all Jobs are the same, we need to add Tasks into our Checklists on the fly so that staff know that these Operations need to be done and time can be recorded against this added task/tasks.

To add a new item in the Checklist, click on Tasks (1) and Add Record (2)

Name your custom operation, fill in the other details in the popup and click Save. The Operation defines the type, Job Status and the positioning within the Job Checklist.

The new Task is now shown in the Checklist and also Time and Attendance screens where staff can record the time taken to complete.