For the Agenda Screen to show any content, there are several steps that need to be taken. 

  1. An Agenda Screen needs to be defined by the administrator for every required Job or Lead Status and required Operation(s).
  2. In a Job or a Lead, the Status needs to be selected
  3. In the Checklist, a specific Operation needs to be set

The combined of the above steps are responsible for what is shown in the Agenda Screen.

All Lead or Job Status options refer to the Checklist as shown below. (For illustration purposes all but Sales were minimised) 


With the Agenda Screen to be defined for Leads, with a Status “Sales” and an Operation “Lead Contacted” defined, the above example would show the Agenda Screen as shown below. 

In the example above, as soon as a Lead Contacted operation is checked as complete, the Lead would move to the next Agenda Screen, specifying a Status of Sales and and operation of Site Visit Booked.

There are many different pieces of information that can shown on an Agenda Screen. Agenda Screens can be customised individually and also for each user. Information available to show is; 

Additionally, if in your Agenda Screen set up you have selected Targets to show, these will also appear in the list above. 

For information on setting up Agenda Screens, Please click here.