• Items that you have in stock are stored in the Warehouse. Items that you add to stock should exist in your availability charts as they work together.
  • Items that you need to order into stock either for a job or consumables from the availability chart.
  • If you want to order items for stock put “Stock” in the Job Number.
  • We also cater for orders not delivered complete. (Back Order)
  • Stock Items can have a Bay Location and Barcode required. (Bar Code setup may require hardware purchase and setup at an additional charge).
  • To search the Warehouse Items you can use the lower right search field or use the filters or type the Colour.
  • If you are implementing Stock Control for the first time then you might like to make an export of your availability chart and clean the contents and enter all relevant fields from your existing stock Excel sheet and send it to support@jobman.com.au so that you don’t have to re-enter it all.
  • NOTE. There isn’t an export .csv with Warehouse Items as this would be dangerous in deleting records that have records attached to them.
  • Sometimes the storeman is not present and people still need to remove stock. A manual system will allow people to remove stock so that the database can remain accurate for later data entry.

Stock Control and CNC Correction Forms can be downloaded and printed for your personal use. You are free to edit and modify as required.

Items that have been purchase ordered for a job will appear in your warehouse items assigned to that job. You can also assign stock items in your warehouse to a job. When an item is assigned to a job, you will see a pick list button appear when you double click on the item. (See below)

When you click on the pick list button, it will bring up a list of all the items that are assigned to that job. You can then tick off the items that you have removed and it will remove that item from the warehouse. (See below)

You can also choose to print out this list to give to the workshop so they can manually tick off the items as they use them. You can then update the warehouse at a later time.

Amending Stock Levels


If you make a change to your Warehouse Items the following box will appear, where you can enter the reason for the change in stock. This may be size, qty or other.

These changes can be reported on with the Stock Item Change Log that can be found here https://jobmanacademy.wpengine.com/lessons/reports-2/