If you have manufacturing software that contains products, like Cabinet Vision for example, we can populate these products into Jobman so a list of products for that job can be displayed. From this list, product labels can be printed.

Product labels can be printed from the Job – Products tab in 3 ways

  1. Print a single label from the edit window of an individual record (see screenshot below)
  2. Print an single label from the list, without opening the edit window, by clicking on a  icon
  3. Print the labels for all products in the list

Label example from details shown in screenshot above.

The dimensions specified below were used to achieve the printout above.

Label Dimensions
Printer Settings Example ( based on a 62mm continuous label roll )
Paper size62mm roll

Scanning QR Codes from Product Labels via the Smart Phone!

Checking off products has never been easier, than with the ability to do so using your smart phone. 
To do this, navigate to the phone interface, select PRODUCTS from the Menu Dropdown at the top of the screen. 
Select the operation type, then hover the QR code in the camera window, as shown below. 
There is a visual confirmation that the QR code has been read, along with a noise confirmation, and the screen will look as shown below.  

You can view the list of products for the relevant job, by selecting the LIST button at the bottom of the screen. 
This will show you a full list of the products and those that have been checked, it is here that you can uncheck products also. 

(Note: A label printer will have to be purchased)

Using the QR Code on the product label, Products on the list can be easily checked off against an operation or task via a wireless/bluetooth scanner connected to the tablet or PC, or via a smart phone (see towards the bottom of this page for more specific instruction as to scanning QR codes from the phone). They can also be manually checked off by ticking each individual box. This makes it easier to keep track of each product for that job.

Image result for barcode scanner

When the Product list ‘Total’ and the ‘Ticked’ number values match, these fields go green. This means that all products have been checked off within the particular status or product operation in which the checklist is being carried out under.